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Today we showcase the vision for Main Place Post Acute Skilled Nursing & Main Place Assisted Living, which stemmed from the commitment the operators had to Healthcare and the desire to improve the quality of their buildings to match the superior care provided within. These facilities put forth great efforts to upgrade equipment, protocols, and training; yet the public still equates the building exterior with the type of care and dedication given.

This façade upgrade is a direct expression of the passion, drive, and care of the healthcare team. This is not only experienced inside the facility, but also expressed before entering the building.

Quality care begins from the moment one experiences the exterior façade as it is the first point of interaction patients have with their dedicated doctors & nurses, thus making the façade modernization of a building a critical improvement. First impressions are long lasting and the exterior should reflect the exemplary care inside.

In other words, it is a heartwarming smile from the healthcare team to the community


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