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Almost a month and a half ago, GM+A was excited to participate at the Purim Carnival event at Temple Beth Israel in Pomona, CA. The holiday of Purim, celebrated by Jews around the world, often falls in the springtime and is known for its raucousness as a holiday in which participants dress in full costume, drink heavily, and commemorate being saved from persecution in the ancient Persian Empire. Supporting our friends in the Jewish community by sharing in celebration is important to us at GM+A. Having an opportunity to engage in the carnival festivities with our families and donating to the charitable and cultural programs of our community partners enriches our own company culture and equips us with new perspectives for our work providing the best possible architectural services in healthcare and beyond.

It is important today during this health crisis, as we are sheltered in place in our homes working remotely, to remember the strength we have as a community. We support each other now from a distance, looking back to a festive time of coming together with the knowledge that we will come together again soon. While the coming weeks will require us to celebrate our holidays, life events, and joyous occasions in our homes, we remember that together we will persevere.

As healthcare architects, we at GM+A feel pride and responsibility towards our clients and community of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities. We watch as the heroes of our time—doctors, nurses and healthcare providers—work diligently to protect and heal. We recognize how important it is for us to continue our work creating innovative healthcare designs to allow our clients to do what they do best: take care of all of us.


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