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Greetings! We are Gregg Maedo + Associates, an Architectural Design Firm specializing in serving the Long Term Healthcare Industry. Our company is passionate about and dedicated to taking care of our most frail, weak, and elderly citizens across the nation. We consider it an honor that we are allowed to use our Architectural and Design skills and talents in a way that is fulfilling and beneficial to the community. After decades of commitment to the unique dynamics of this endeavor, we seek to share all that we have learned and experienced with the hope that, as design professionals, we can all provide better quality environments to our most treasured citizens.

It is said that the value of a society can often be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. In the sprit of this thought, we embrace this challenge and all that it entails. Our focus, as an Architectural Design Firm, is the end user, the resident of the buildings we build. Our passion, through our work, is to serve those individuals with responsibility and respect. Our goal, though our clients, is to give the elderly a better life.

During job interviews for new applicants to our firm, we try to explain our office philosophy by giving the following scenario:

Our goal is give that elderly person, …mostly likely a woman who, as a young lady, worked in our factories to support and help win the war. Later, she married a returning veteran, stayed home and raised a family. All her life she took loving care of her husband until his death, and now is in a nursing facility, away from her home, sick, weak, frightened and scared … a better life.

As we see it here at GM+A, it is because of the hard work, great sacrifices and tremendous contributions of these people, we can live our lives today. Even in the later years of their lives, they continue to contribute to society through their wisdom and life knowledge. It is with respect for them and all that they have given us that we humbly thank and try to serve them to the best of our abilities.

The need and demand to build better spaces within the Healthcare Industry, including Skilled Nursing Homes, is growing. As the baby-boomers march into retirement, the pressure on our industry to keep pace with this population has increased dramatically, and will continue to do so as time moves forward. It is estimated that by the year 2020, we will have reached a crisis point in addressing the care of our senior citizens.

With this in mind, we as Architects, seek solutions to ensure the built environments that provide this necessary shelter. More importantly, we strive to secure a place for the elderly to maintain their dignity, comfort and peace. We feel the time is now to expand awareness and bring onboard the best of us to share in this sacred calling of caring for our fellow citizens. The concepts, thoughts, and elements that comprise our designs and shape our buildings will be explored and shared, and will become the subjects for future blogs as we move forward.

In the time to come, we will discuss these and other topics relating to the Long Term Healthcare Industry and other related issues that support this cause. Thank you very much for the opportunity for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts, knowledge and ideas. We look forward to hearing your feedback and learning from you!


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