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There has been an increasing demand in Skilled Nursing Facilities to care for those who have suffered an injury that rendered them temporarily in-ambulatory. With proper care, these individual can heal wonderfully and re-learn the day to day functions of life with the help of therapy. Many Skilled Nursing Facilities are now looking to expand and upgrade their existing therapy facilities.

From gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, occupational therapy suites fully equipped with training kitchens, bathrooms and tubs, to severe wound care treatment rooms, facilities are looking to provide the highest quality of care possible to their patients to ensure a speedy recovery, and getting them back home to their loved ones.

St. Elizabeth Rehab Center – Therapy Addition

St. Elizabeth Rehab Center – Therapy Addition

 Project Data Therapy Addition 790 s.f. Addition 550 s.f. Remodel 1,371 s.f. Total New training kitchen New training toilet New therapy courtyard Patient Room Addition 343 s.f. Addition...

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