Project Data:

  • 99-bed Skilled Nursing Facility
    • 44,532 S.F.
  • 2 Isolation Rooms meeting acute care criteria
  • Fully equipped for Subacute operation:
    • Central Oxygen
    • Central Suction

Project Description:

Subacute care is a level of care needed by a patient who does not require hospital acute care, but who requires more intensive skilled nursing care than is provided to the majority of patients in a skilled nursing facility. At Arlington Gardens Care Center, this 99-bed Skilled Nursing Facility in Riverside, California adjacent to the Kaiser Hospital, has  central oxygen and central suction built in to all resident rooms. Along with isolation rooms compliant to acute standards with its separate ante room, proper negative/positive air pressures and bedside exhaust with HEPA filters; the facility now has a highly competitive edge in this thriving sector.

To see more photos of the facility and read about it’s project history, check out its main project page at Arlington Gardens Care Center.