Project Data:

  • 2,788 S.F. Therapy Suite Remodel
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
      • Training Kitchen
      • Accessible Training Toilet
  • Restroom Remodel & Accessibility Upgrade

Project Description:

The major design concept for the Physical Therapy Remodel project at Southland Living & Care Center was to unify what used to be 4 separate rooms into one large free flowing Rehabilitation Mega Center. We added a control door and opened up the hallway that previously divided the 4 different rooms. This captured circulation space that was formerly wasted into part of the Therapy Suite. The idea of capturing existing under-utilized spaces and transforming them into inviting and highly functional spaces expanded even further when we included the uninhabited courtyard next to the therapy and turned it into a Therapy Courtyard that almost doubled the facility’s therapy space.