Project Data

  • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • 63,000 SF
    • 140-Beds:
      • 114 Skilled Nursing
      • 26 Sub-Acute
    • Sub-acute wing equipped with oxygen

Project Description

Located in Bakersfield, CA this Skilled Nursing Facility consists of 140 beds, of which 26 beds are dedicated to a distinct sub-acute unit.  The facility is the first “for profit” SNF that incorporates the concept of the “Household Model” into a much larger footprint in order to meet the economies of scale needed to be financially responsible.

The facility incorporates our unique design elements and thus continue to include our efficient circulation, abundance of natural light into the the interior of the facility and our distinct single loaded resident room corridors that open up to naturally lighted living, dining and activity spaces…..all done within a cost per square foot efficiency that no one else has yet to match.