Building Data:

  • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • 48,000 SF
    • 120-Beds
      • 24 Private Rooms
      • 48 Semi-Privates

Project Description:

The Anberry Transitional Care, located in Merced, CA is a contemporary interpretation of Craftsman architecture applied for the 1-hour construction building type required for skilled nursing facilities.  The amenities includes a large rehab, common and private dining rooms, spa and lounges for guests and residents.

The layout is based on the GM+A Design Philosophy and signature floor plan.  Our core design principles incorporate the use of atriums providing natural light to the central core; continuous circulation paths to avoid long dead-end corridors; a separation between the public and back of house paths and a series of buildings connected with pedestrian walkways designed to eliminate costly 2-hour fire walls.

The result, allows a clear line of sight for the staff and natural light from multiple directions to engage the residents.