Project Data:

  • New Lobby
    • 470 s.f.
  • Remodeled Breezeway
    • 1820 s.f.

Project Description:

A large factor in how success is measured in retirement home design is how well the solution addresses the user’s needs.The new lobby and the remodeled breezeway at Keiro Retirement Home is a great example of how listening to the needs of the residents can lead to a translation that is both a creative architectural solution, and an improvement in lifestyle for the user.

For the lobby portion, we captured the existing exterior front patio and transformed it into a warm and inviting space for the residents to gather and mingle while people watching, waiting for their loved ones, or relaxing to the sound of the gentle, trickling sounds of the interior fountain.The breezeway prior to the renovation was a cold and loud space, with blustering winds and an excessive amount of noise carrying from the freeway below. The remodel created a now useable space for the residents to enjoy the sunset against the Los Angeles skyline, have a conversation, or simply enjoy the outdoors while staying dry under the series of skylights and trellises.

Listening to a resident happily tell you how much she enjoys the space now and loves to come down to listen to the fountain, and walk out and be able to watch the sunset, is one of the best accolades we can get!