Project Data:

  •  Assisted Living Facility
    • 22,000 SF
    • 60-Bed
  • Child Day Care
    • 5,000 SF
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • 44,000 SF
    • 99-Bed
  • Adult Day Healthcare
    • 4,000 SF

Project Description:

Integrated Care Communities, partnering with GM+A, won the design competition and was awarded the project for its innovative “The Circle of Life” concept. The campus houses a Child Day Care Center, an Adult Day Healthcare Center, an Assisted Living Facility and a Skilled Nursing Facility. The idea was to provide a continuum of care through all stages of life within the same community and allow for the residents to age in place. The ability to stay within one’s community as one grow old greatly promotes health and emotional well being for all of its residents. Going beyond being a home to the residents, the campus is also part of the integrated effort with the County Hospital and the University to provide the opportunity for teaching and learning.

The campus has undergone construction over multiple phases, starting with the Assisted Living Facility , Child Day Care, and the Skilled Nursing Facility which was just completed in December 2019.  The last phase for the Adult Day Healthcare has yet to start construction.