Creating a Light and Vibrant Space

Gregg Maedo + Associates is excited to have created a vibrant and airy therapy space and renovated dining area for Royale Health Care Center’s Senior Nursing Facility in Santa Ana, CA. By working closely with the facility, we were able to not only complete the project in an efficient and timely manner, but create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere for their exceptional patient care.
















We revised the ceiling layout in the 1,300 sq. ft. dining room and included trough lighting to produce a visually stunning dining environment. The geometric ceiling configuration modernizes and maximizes the space and promotes a pleasant atmosphere. With the design of an exterior courtyard, we provided the facility with an inviting area for the enjoyment of patients and staff. Creating the 600 sq. ft. therapy space with a higher roof and multiple windows and glass doors, transformed what had been an interior courtyard into an attractive area for rehabilitation. Our goal was to utilize as much natural light as possible to open and brighten the space, as well as take advantage of the ample Southern California sunshine.

No undertaking can be completed alone, and through careful coordination and effective teamwork with the Royale Healthcare facility, contractor, IOR and OSHPD, we were able to limit costs and exceed expectations.


Royale Care PT-01_ceiling

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