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Whittier Hospital Medical Center

Since 2011, Maedo Architects has spearheaded vital projects for Whittier Hospital Medical Center, enhancing infrastructure and efficiency. Initiatives range from lighting retrofits to emergency department monitor design and surgical light replacement. Other pieces of equipment cush as washers and disinfectors have also been seamlessly replaced, ensuring top cleanliness standards. Our work in modernizing the elevators has improved accessibility for all. Our collaboration even extended to designing state-of-the-art kitchen Ansul systems, ensuring safe food service operations. Through ongoing partnership, Maedo Architects delivers innovative solutions prioritizing safety and exceptional patient care.


Year: 2011

Status: Complete


Program: Acute Care

Client: AHMC

Project Manager: Onney Wongmelert

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321 N Rampart St Suite 101

Orange, CA 92868

714 937 1985

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