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Southland Care Center Façade, Lobby & Auditorium

GM+A led the façade, lobby, and auditorium remodeling project at the Southland Care Center. Our team's remodeling efforts created opportunities for visitors to experience a sense of openness and hospitality-quality aesthetics upon their arrival to the skilled nursing facility. The project design modified the existing roof and trellis to allow a greater amount of filtered light to penetrate the office spaces. Additionally, the once obstructive reception space was transformed into a new low and curved reception desk that intuitively guides the user to a generous seating area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the renovated outdoor therapy courtyard and therapy suite.


Year: 2008

Status: Complete

Size: 3,915 sf

Program: Skilled Nursing Facility Renovation

Client: Ensign Group

Project Manager: Gladys Makabenta

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