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Confidential Restaurants*

GM+A has worked on the design and renovation of new and existing restaurants with the largest theme park in Anaheim, California. Since 2005, we have been involved in projects at over 20 locations spread throughout the park and its surroundings and have worked on both spatial design and technical elements that are indispensable to maintain operations running smoothly and the guest experience at its peak. Our smaller, “commodity” projects for restaurants and concessions have ranged from hood replacements and Wi-Fi implementations, plumbing and roofing design services; to kitchen equipment upgrades and deck replacements. On a larger scale, we have also completed an array of interior upgrades, façade renovations, entire remodels, building and canopy additions, and even new-build proposals.

*In compliance with GM+A’s non-disclosure agreements with this client, we are unable to publicly disseminate project-specific information. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you meet your project goals!


Year: 1989-present

Status: Ongoing

Size: Varies

Program: Food Service

Client: Confidential

Project Manager: Varies

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