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Confidential Hotels*

Maedo Architects has provided technical and design services for 3 and 4 Diamond hotels located in the largest theme park in Anaheim, California. Our projects dating back to 2005 have greatly varied in size and scope, but all have required close work and coordination between large teams of architects, engineers, interior designers, and conceptual artists to provide the best final product that exceeds our client’s standard. Past projects have included fall protection installations, cooling tower replacements, trellis and roof replacements, concessions planning and design, hardgoods rehabilitations, breakroom and restroom rehabilitations, and ADA assessments. More recently, we have been engaged in larger and more extensive design projects including exterior renovations and replacement of windows, door and frame upgrades and replacement, bathroom upgrades and renovations, and the interior improvements and total redesign of hotel guest rooms, including the modification of multiple units per story to be ADA compliant.

*In compliance with Maedo Architects' non-disclosure agreements with this client, we are unable to publicly disseminate project-specific information. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you meet your project goals!


Year: 1989-present

Status: Ongoing

Size: Varies

Program: Hotels

Client: Confidential

Project Manager: Varies

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