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Confidential Event Projects*

GM+A provides support through planning and design for events and event spaces for the largest theme park in Anaheim, California. With a wide range of projects, scopes, and event sizes, our team has been involved in site area development plans for multiple marathons, recurring building permit procurement for temporary trailer installations, and parking lot and convention center projects. While our parking lot projects focus on the more technical aspects and include design services for expansions, security checkpoint design and improvement, storm water system design and implementation, and ADA analysis and remediation, our convention center projects allow for a greater aesthetic consideration through restroom and kitchen renovations, pavilion ceiling and lighting replacements, planter additions, and decorative wall design and installation.

*In compliance with GM+A’s non-disclosure agreements with this client, we are unable to publicly disseminate project-specific information. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you meet your project goals!


Year: 1989-present

Status: Ongoing

Size: Varies

Program: Events

Client: Confidential

Project Manager: Varies

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