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Clarence T.C. Ching Villas

GM+A worked on the new Clarence T.C. Ching Villas, a premier 119-bed skilled nursing facility located on the top 3 levels of the former St. Francis Hospital in Honolulu. As the St. Francis Healthcare System transitioned from acute care services to post-acute services, the newly renovated portion included areas for long term care, rehabilitation, hospice, preventative care, and health maintenance for seniors and caregivers.

This facility was part of Phase 1 for the Liliha campus development.


Year: 2013

Status: Complete

Size: 45,000 sf

Program: Skilled Nursing Facility Renovation

Client: AHL

Project Manager: Gregg Maedo

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321 N Rampart St Suite 101

Orange, CA 92868

714 937 1985

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