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Anberry Transitional Care

GM+A reinterpreted Craftsman architecture towards a contemporary skilled nursing facility that integrates the 1-hour construction type required for this building type. Amenities incorporated into the project include a large rehabilitation facility, common and private dining rooms, a spa, and lounges for guests and residents.

The project layout is based on GM+A's design philosophy, integrating our signature floor plan and the use of atriums for natural light dispersion, continuous circulation paths to avoid dead-end corridors, a separation between public and back-of-house paths, and a series of buildings connected through pedestrian walkways to eliminate the cost incurred through 2-hour fire walls. The resulting design allows for a clear line of sight for staff and plentiful natural light penetration throughout the building to promote patient well-being and engagement.


Year: 2005

Status: Completed

Size: 48,000 sf

Program: Skilled Nursing Facility

Client: Anberry

Project Manager: Carol Armira

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